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Town of Kentville: Recreational Wayfinding System (2017-2019)

The Gorge

This sign is situated in Kentville’s Gorge, a large forested area well known for its mountain biking, hiking, and snowshoeing. It was designed to inform participants about what activities are available, how to access the trail system, and how to use the space in a way that respects and ensures the safety of all users. It also has a detailed trail map that can be upgraded as needed without needing to replace the whole sign.

Orientation Map

This map was designed over the course of many months as the signage system was created. It is meant as an overview of all the recreational facilities within town limits, highlighting all activities and amenities at each location. Putting everything into one map allows the user to get a full sense of what is available and how it all connects in order to facilitate use and travel between locations.

Sign Design

All of the signs in the system were designed with the Town of Kentville’s new branding in mind, which focuses on nature and active living. Creating a cohesive and understandable system is crucial in guiding users confidently around a space. All designs were mocked up and reviewed by multiple users to ensure they were easy to understand in the context of the space they were to be used.


Signs should be as big as they need to be for the environment in which they are being placed (but no bigger). This sign is directing drivers to Miners Marsh, a wetland area popular for walkers, cyclists, and naturalists. It needed to be seen from a distance by drivers of cars in a busy area.