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Adam Barnett

Author | Wayfinding Consultant | Community Builder

Recent Projects

Where to Cycle in Nova Scotia Guidebook

For over a year I worked to put together this cycling guidebook, researching cycling routes around the province of Nova Scotia by collaborating with the local cycling communities and tapping into local knowledge.The result is comprehensive guidebook, with over 100 routes of various lengths and challenges, with rich detail about the routes, important stats, turn-by-turn directions, and detailed maps. 

– – – – – – –

Adam Barnett has written a wonderfully complete guide for anyone wanting to cycle around, through, or into Nova Scotia…Barnett obviously knows his stuff…and every rider, regardless of skill level, should make room for this book…”
– Your Local… (Book Review), June 2019

Bike Tour/Experiences in Wolfville Area

Bike Tour/Experiences in Wolfville Area

For those who enjoy the pleasures of sampling seasonal and fresh foods, while leisurely exploring local rail trails and quiet country roads by bicycle. Take a tour through the culinary abundance of the Annapolis Valley, meeting local food crafters and growers, and experience thoughtful touches that will resonate well beyond your visit.

More information coming soon!

Interested in customized tours for your group? I’d be happy to explore some ideas with you.

Contact me for details here.

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Adam was awesome – one of our best guides ever I think.
– C. & C.

Front Street Community Oven

This is a passion driven project that I’ve been collaborating on since November, 2017. The Front Street Oven is a wood-fired oven that is built in a public park and is a space for the community to gather and to make and share food together; it’s a way to quietly build community while creating and supporting the idea of safe and accessible spaces.

Learn more at:

My Work

  • Relationship building: working with partners and clients
  • Working with other professionals: graphic designers, programmers, GIS/cartographers, urban planners
  • Project management; event management and logistics
  • Communications work
  • Analysis and deficiency reviews
  • Teaching/Training/Coaching
  • Creating unique, local experiences
  • Community enrichment projects


Steven Slipp

Working with Adam on a major wayfinding project was a first for both of us. I had always admired Adam’s presence in the community as a cultural entrepreneur and impresario, so I was excited to collaborate. Adam proved to be a professional project manager and client contact, always well-prepared and an insightful editor.

I contributed strategic design and production services and my years of experience in communications and wayfinding. The resulting program impact was visible and the client was extremely happy with budget, delivery, and aesthetic – they have returned to us for subsequent phases of signage and recreation promotion.

Two thumbs up for Adam Barnett Consulting, for professionalism, people savvy, and planning smarts.
– Steven Slipp, Steven Slipp Designs

Marcel Morin

It’s been a pleasure working with Adam; he is organized and detail oriented. His most recent project, Where to Cycle in Nova Scotia was a huge undertaking with many moving parts. His understanding of GIS, mapping, and design was a great asset in elevating the cartographic component of this book.

– Marcel Morin, Lost Art Cartography

Duncan Ebata

I’ve worked with Adam closely for 2 years and known him for 5 years. Adam is a person I rely on to deliver with calmness and poise. When Adam gets behind a project he has a rare gift of inviting others in a calm and collected way, while simultaneously building excitement that inspires people to be both productive and innovative. I appreciate Adam’s non-violent communication approach, his thoughtfulness and clarity in communication, his kindness and warmth, his co-learning focus, and his always moving forward attitude.

Adam has a mind that “weaves” people and projects together like no other. I’m grateful for his amazing ability to connect the dots in community, in projects, in writing, and in spaces; weaving together a project or multiple projects in creative ways I couldn’t even imagine possible, while simultaneously ensuring whatever he does works well for everyone.

I deeply appreciate Adam’s diverse blend of experience (recreation skills, community development experience, communications and writing experience, bicycle tourism experience, startup and business experience, as well as his GIS wayfinding work). This depth of experience, combined with his character, makes him a ideal collaboration partner for many different kinds of projects. After working with Adam for two years, I’m still excited to work with him every day.

– Duncan Ebata, Community Builder & Marketer, Shift Food

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