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Town of Berwick: Recreational Facilities Map & Brochure (2020)

Town of Berwick Recreational Facilities Map

The Town of Berwick is rich in recreational opportunities, but the challenge is to present these resources in a way that people can contextually understand what is available and how to access them. Working with the Town of Berwick Recreation Director, a process was created to take a closer look at what is available in the town and what activities are available at each individual location. A new map was designed to present the information in a way that is easy to understand for both local residents and visitors to the area. The design incorporates elements of the Town of Berwick’s branding and highlights the new Harvest Moon Trail, a repurposed rail trail that has become a popular active transportation corridor for people travelling through and around the Annapolis Valley.

Front Side of Brochure

To go along with the map, a brochure was created to help highlight the main recreational areas in the town and to provide more detailed information so that users can make choices that best suit their specific needs.

Back Side of Brochure